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V2 Cigs is the most popular electronic cigarette brand in the United States according to them. They used Alexa statistics to come to that conclusion and I could certainly understand why they would be the best e-cigarette company in the United States. Our team tested the V2 Cigs products rigorously and the whole team was impressed with the starter kits, cartridges, and even the accessories.

V2 has five main starter kits with the Economy Kit being the entry level kit for $59.95. Our readers are able to save 15% with V2 Cigs through an exclusive coupon code offered only at ECR.net which brings the price down to $50.96. The Ultimate Kit is the top of the line starter kit from V2 and sells for $159.95 and includes everything you could want or need with your electronic cigarette. Again, our readers can save 15% on this kit as well which means it only costs ECR.net readers $135.96! I own the Ultimate Kit myself because I am on the go quite a bit and it comes with 3 batteries, a portable charging case, car charger, and power-cig so I won’t be without nicotine when I need it. They also offer the V2 Notebook-Cig that doesn’t require charging but instead plugs into a USB port for $24.95 and our readers can use the 15% discount code to get it for $21.21.

V2 offers three different color batteries with their starter kits which I like because I prefer the black batteries myself but sometimes I switch it up based on the color cartridge I am using. All of the batteries are now 4.2 volts which means you get a lot more vapor than before. When I first tried their e-cig, it didn’t have the 4.2 volts like it does now and it makes a huge difference!

v2 E-Cigarettes

White Cloud Cartridges were my favorite cartridges when I first switched to electronic cigarettes because of the Smooth Draw Technology built in combined with the 24MG nicotine level created a strong and consistent throat hit for those days when you really want a cigarette. While the V2 Cigs cartridges don’t possess the Smooth Draw Technology, they are maintenance free, provide a large amount of vapor, and the throat hit is solid which has resulted in me not having any days where I crave a cigarette anymore. They also have committed to adding new flavors regularly throughout the year. You can read more about the cartridges through our V2 Cigs Cartridges Review.

I had been using The Safe Cig starter kit since November 27th of last year; however on July 9th I began using V2’s starter kit and fully switched over to V2 Cigs on July 11th, 2011. James also made a switch in June and he now uses The Safe Cig. The Safe Cig makes a great product as well but they don’t offer as many options as the V2 Cigs product line. I do understand that it can be overwhelming to some people to have that many options, so it is great to see our users rating both companies very high on our top 25 list.

v2 cigs Electronic Cigarettes

In many cases you get what you pay for, however that is not the case with V2 Cigs. James, Jane, and I have all put their products to the test to ensure they are of a high caliber quality and all of us were impressed with the way the V2 Cigs products held up. So if you are looking for a high quality e-cigarette that can be customized to your liking and requires zero maintenance, go with V2 Cigs

Products & Pricing

  • Economy Kit – $59.95 – 1 Battery – 10 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual
  • Standard Kit – $79.95 – 1 Automatic Battery – 1 Manual Battery – 10 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual
  • Traveler Kit – $109.95 – 2 Batteries (of your choice) – 15 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual – Car Charger – Charging Case – Notebook Cig
  • Couples Kit – $149.95 – 4 Batteries (of your choice) – 20 Nicotine Cartridges – 2 USB Chargers – 2 A/C Wall Adaptors – 2 User Manuals
  • Ultimate Kit – $159.95 – 3 Batteries (of your choice) – 25 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual – Car Charger – Carry Case – Charging Case – V2 Power Cig – Notebook Cig
  • Power Cig – $34.95 – No Batteries – 5 Nicotine Cartridges – Direct USB Power – User Manual
  • Notebook Cig – $24.95 – No Batteries – 5 Nicotine Cartridges – Direct USB Power – User Manual – Carry Case


  • V2 Cigs cartridges are equal to approximately 1 pack of traditional cigarettes.
  • V2 Cigs cartridges – 5 Cartridges – $12.95 ($2.59/cartridge)
  • Current Flavors – Red, Cowboy, Congress, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, Sahara, Cola, Chocolate, Peppermint
  • 4 Nicotine Levels – 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 0mg
  • V2 Cigs Custom Cartridges (100 QTY) – $225.00 – ($2.25/cartridge)
    • Custom Cartridges allow 25 strength options and endless flavor / color possibilities
    • V2 Cigs is the only major brand that allows you to customize and create your own flavor cartridges


  • Standard Cig Battery (110mm) – $29.95 – lasts 200 puffs
  • Shorty Cig Battery (100mm) – $29.95 – lasts 160 puffs
  • Long Cig Battery (140mm) – $24.95 – lasts 300 puffs
  • Each battery is available in either automatic or manual.


  • V2 PCC (Portable Charging Case) – $44.95
  • V2 Charger Kit w/ Cord – $12.95


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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