Smoke Tip

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

Lower cost but higher quality than most

Quality product

Excellent vapor volume

Full, smooth, realistic tobacco flavour

Sets a new standard for e-cigarette products


Smaller product range than competitors

By the time most of us got round to the Smoke Tip e-cigarette review we had all tested many brands and thought we had a good idea of what to expect for the price. However, the Smoke Tip product really did surprise most of us and in terms of overall value for money really is a great product.

For the price I guess expectations were quite low and although Smoke Tip offers nothing unique or outstanding it really is a very solid e-cigarette system and is certainly excellent value for the relatively low price.
Set up of the product on opening the package was very easy and the product felt well constructed and of good quality. The tobacco flavor Smoke Tip was very pleasant and scored above average by all of our testing panel. What I particularly liked was a ‘throat hit’ similar to that of a real tobacco cigarette. I enjoyed smoking this particular brand for several days and it remains one of my personal favorites. Vapor volumes are better than more expensive brands and the cartridges are cellophane wrapped for freshness.

The Smoke Tip e-cigarette experience was excellent from opening the box to setting it up and of course most importantly actually ‘smoking’ it. This brand raised the bar again and shows how quickly the market is moving to the benefit of the consumer.

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