Safe Cig

Overall Rating:
Pros: Quality product, state of the art technology

Company is investing long term and improving the product

Ease of use

Great volume of vapor

Classic Tobacco flavor superb

Cons: Limited range of flavors

Starter Kit not all you need ‘ready to go’

When it comes to the best e-cigarette technology, research and development the Safe Cig is one of the market leaders. Before testing the product we read about the extensive research and development into electronic cigarettes the company has undertaken and it’s very impressive. As a result there are innovations in the Safe Cig such as the micro-circuit-board-controlled cigarette style battery which are way ahead of others.

Our testers all tried The Safe Cig Starter Kit which came with one cigarette style batter, one AC wall adaptor and a USB charger. A five-pack of refill cartridges had to be bought separately and some of our testers marked it down for this but overall we still feel the product compares well on price and is certainly good value.

The range of flavors available for the Safe Cig is more limited than that for other e-cigarettes and our testers gave mixed results on their preferences. The flavors are Traditional, Classic Tobacco and Menthol and in a way this leads me to believe this is a product aimed more at ‘serious’ traditional smokers. Six levels of Nicotine are available from 0mg up to 24mg.

As a group the testers rated the Safe Cig Traditional flavor quite low compared to other products. There are excellent amounts of vapour produced and the experience is satisfying but we found the taste to be harsher than others. The Classic Tobacco more than made up for that and put the product back in the running as one of the best e-cigarettes available. I personally really loved this flavour and found it rich, smooth and satisfying – easily as good as my old brand of tobacco cigarette!

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