Premium E Cigarettes

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

Range of products, flavors and nicotine levels

Custom options

Fantastic vapor

Tobacco flavor hard to beat, very close to a real smoke

Packaging & presentation


Some flavors a little too ‘unusual’

Several of our testers had used Premium E Cigarettes in the past but were impressed with the new look the company has launched recently. In terms of offering a full product range to appeal to all the company is way ahead of the competition and has e-cigs, e-cigars and even e-pipes available! In terms of the flavors available they are second to none – though not all the flavors appealed to our testing panel.

If that’s not enough in terms of a flexible offering to the their customers, Premium E Cigarettes also offer a good choice of 5 nicotine strengths and uniquely, the ability to customize the look of your e-cigarette. Users can really personalize the e-smoking experience and customize the look of the battery, choosing a custom design and color to suit their style. If you already thought e-cigarettes were a ‘fashion accessory’ this takes things to another level!

But the important question of course is are they any good and what do they offer in terms of a smoking experience. Well yes – they really deliver and some of our testers rated them as the best e-cigarette on the market. There are a good range of starter kits available and the ones we tested were nicely presented and easy to open and get going with. We all loved the foil-sealed cartridges and think this is the way the market should go. In terms of fullness of flavour and smoke volume the Premium E Cigarettes were outstanding. A lovely plume of smoke vapor is produced and taste buds are treated to a real tobacco flavour.

It was the other flavors that divided the testing panel with the Irish Cream, Blueberry, Watermelon and Grape getting very mixed reports. I personally always prefer tobacco flavor e-cigarettes but am also partial to a menthol variety. I found the Irish Cream quite bland and the other ‘fruity’ flavors too sweet. That didn’t mark the product down for me though and it’s highly recommended as far as I’m concerned.

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