Overall Rating:
Pros: Quality product

Easy to use

All flavors very enjoyable

New technology leading the way

Cons: Adapting to use after e-cigarettes

The Ploom Vaporizer is very different from the other products tested in our e-cigarette review and this needs to be made very clear from the start. It’s only fair to point out for comparison purposes that the technology is different and some of our testers weren’t keen to change their approach. We had all got used to setting up and ‘smoking’ the mainstream e-cigarette products and perhaps Ploom was too much of a change for some.

The Ploom Vaporizer is a combination of clean vapor technology and tobacco ‘pods’ which deliver nicotine into your system. There is no burning of tobacco. Unlike other e-cigarettes Ploom doesn’t need a battery to operate and this will have obvious appeal to some. Instead, the unit operates on butane which uses very clever technology to heat the tiny pods.

As well as traditional tobacco, pods are available in nicotine free varieties. The intense Peppermint flavor was incredibly refreshing and was rated highly by all of our testing panel. Although not a strong flavor, those of us opting for tobacco variety were very pleased and rated the experience highly. Of the other flavors available I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Gold – which has a fine honey-cognac taste – and the Blue Tea.

Using a Ploom was as easy as an e-cigarette once we had adapted to it and we all shared a view that this could be the future of alternative cigarettes.

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