Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

‘Freshness’ and care in packaging and presentation

Ease of set up and use

Excellent vapor volume

Quality look and feel – great ‘smoking’ experience

Superior ‘draw’

Value for money


Hard to find any!

In our reviews of the NJOY e-cigarette there was a word several of the testers used and that is ‘fresh.’ There is something quite ‘clinical’ about the product but we see that in a positive way. Inside the packaging the flavour cartridges and atomizers are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and stop the nicotine from drying out. An expiration date is printed on the wrapping and we all liked that little touch – ensuring you receive a fresh, pure product and experience.

The NJOY e-cigarette was easy to set up and I was able to do this in seconds – all very easy to put together and away you go. The product was recently improved from a three piece to a two piece design and this is certainly my preference now and I think the way all manufacturers will go. Most importantly, the ‘smoking’ experience was excellent and the flavor was outstanding! Other testers agreed with me and for the taste of tobacco this was the best product we have tested to date. If I closed my eyes it really could be ‘the real thing!’

The product is well designed and put together, produces a very enjoyable vapor and we were all surprised when the price was revealed as it beats it other inferior e-cigarettes. The manufacturers clearly have faith in their product too and offer a 12 month warranty.

For someone either aiming to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes or simply wanting to switch to a ‘healthier’ alternative the NJOY is an excellent option. The tobacco flavour will take some beating by other products in the market.

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