Green Smoke

Overall Rating:
Pros: Exceptional quality design & constructionEase of use

Atomizer built into flavor cartridge

Range of flavors (Even includes chocolate!)

“Full Tobacco” flavour closest of those tested so far to the real thing

Cons: Above average price

Several of our testing panel had heard great things about the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes so our expectations were high. We all tried the Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit and the overwhelming response was that these set a new standard in e-cigarettes.

The prices are slightly higher than some of the other products on the market but the products are far superior than most. One of our testers who is looking for the best e-cigarette to use to give up smoking (in the traditional sense!) said Green Smoke’s Absolute Tobacco flavor is the answer. The products just ooze quality all the way -from the packaging and presentation, the way they are put together and of course most importantly how they feel to use and taste. I absolutely love the Green Smoke Menthol Ice flavour and it’s the best I’ve tasted so far as a menthol cigarette replacement.

Easy of use is critical for first time users of electronic cigarettes and Green Smoke certainly scores well here too. Even as a complete ‘newbie’ you could open the kit and be ‘smoking’ in under a minute. The two-part metal construction is the key, a great piece of design. Unlike some e-cigarettes where there are parts to initiate or buttons to press the vapour mechanism is triggered by ‘drawing’ on the unit as you would with a traditional cigarette.

The final thing which really makes Green Smoke an outstanding e-cigarette product is the fact that the atomizer (which vaporizes the nicotine) is built into the flavour cartridge. This makes life so much simpler! When you finish a cartridge you simply throw it away and screw on another. You don’t have to worry about keeping a supply of liquid refill nicotine or worry about measuring it out.

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