Overall Rating:

Product range does allow for cheaper options

Positive views of the tobacco flavour from one tester

Menthol flavour pleasant


Generally inferior to other products tested

Poor vapor volume

Most testers disliked Tobacco variety

Hard to ‘draw’ on

Our experience of the eSmoke e-cigarette product didn’t get off to a good start as the ordering process online was quite confusing. The kit we thought we were buying at a seemingly very good price turned out to be the more expensive eSmoke Advanced Starter Kit. A cheaper alternative is available to be fair but the contents was a little basic for the purposes of our e-cigarette review exercise and didn’t compare well to others available.

So, those niggles aside, what of the product? In my opinion this didn’t compare well with others available and was quite disappointing. The ‘Tobacco Medium’ flavor I tested was quite pleasant but a little too mild for my taste buds. The popping and crackling sounds I associate with the older versions of e-cigarettes were quite annoying but to be fair other testers didn’t make this comment of the eSmoke. I did find quite an effort was required to ‘drag’ on this particular brand and this again caused me to mark it down. The final disappointment for me was the vapor volume – much less than others I’ve tested.

I stuck with my eSmoke e-cigarette review but it really didn’t compare well with others I’d already tested and in fact it made me appreciate them even more. The Menthol flavor did redeem the product to an extent and seemed to provide a better vapor and quite a pleasurable smoking experience. To be fair I should point out that others rated the product better than I did with one tester stating the tobacco flavour was very similar to his old Marlboro brand.

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