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If you’re looking for a way to continue smoking without the health risks involved in traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, then e cigarettes are the way for you. When researching the many different types of e cigs available on the market, it’s good to know the top 10 e cigarettes that have been chosen by those who actually purchase and use the products.

1. V2Cigs

These e cigarettes are very popular because of their style and convenience. They have special designs that prevent you from actually having to touch the tobacco pads, making it cleaner and easier to use. They also come in a variety of flavors and the company will even work with you to create your own unique flavor if you wish.

2. The South Beach Smoke

The South Beach Smoke is a two-piece unit which is simple to use and preferred by many e cigarette smokers. This brand offers many types of flavors aside from the traditional tobacco flavor as with regular cigarettes.

3. Premium E Cigarettes

These popular e cigarettes offer the consumer the ability to be unique with their many different styles of cigarettes as well as the benefit of being able to design something for your own preferences. Premium E Cigarettes also offers e cigars and even e pipes. E Tobacco can be purchased in different levels of strength.

4. Green Smoke

Green Smoke is number one on the top 10 e cigarettes list because of its many benefits. Unlike most e cigarettes, Green Smoke actually has the atomizer built into the cartridge. This is a great advantage because each time you purchase a new cartridge; you are getting a new atomizer as well. Green Smoke mainly sells tobacco flavored e cigarettes, but they are expanding with new tastes as well for smokers’ enjoyment.

5. The SafeCig

The SafeCig is popular in many reviews because of their refill cartridges that last longer than other e cigarettes. A refill can actually equate to two full packs of traditional cigarettes.

6. Blue Cig

The next biggie on the top 10 e cigarettes list is Blue Cig. Blue Cig is becoming more and more popular, especially with the younger generation. They have catered to style and social appearances and have designed a very attractive cigarette pack that even has an LED light on it for more glitz and glamor

7. Smoke Tip

This e cigarette is a new brand on the market but is becoming popular because it is also one of the least expensive of the e cigarettes. They also offer many different flavors for their cigarettes.

8. White Cloud

White Cloud cartridges are popular because of their smooth draw abilities. Their smooth draw technology delivers a nice and strong taste of nicotine that will help with any cravings and sooth your nicotine desires.

9. Pure Cigs

Pure Cigs are a relatively inexpensive way of smoking in the electronic cigarette smoking world. They offer cheaper starter kits than many other electronic cigarette companies and their website even has a calculator for you to compare the costs of buying the refill cartridges against buying traditional cigarettes.

10. eSmoke

Not the most inexpensive electronic cigarettes on the market, these e cigs still deliver great taste to the consumer, both traditional tobacco and menthol flavors. Some have even said that the regular tobacco flavor was similar to traditional Marlboros.

Although these top 10 e cigarettes have many more qualities that are not listed here, there are still a lot of other types and brands of e cigarettes out there and there’s bound to be one that you may wish to include in this list.

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