How do e-cigarettes work?

As any smoker will I’m sure agree, giving up cigarettes can be incredibly hard and is a habit many of us simply can’t break. Those who tried to quit have tried traditional ‘quit smoking’ methods ranging from hypnosis to nicotine patches. The market has developed over the years but there still hasn’t been a definitive way to quit smoking which all experts and smokers agree on. However, with new advancements in technology come new ways to quit smoking. The latest advancement comes in the form of an e-cigarette.

How e-cigarettes work is quite fascinating. It’s also a testament to technology developing to meet our needs in all walks of life. When a user ‘smokes’ one you will see a plume of smoke as then exhale. This may seem like the real thing but in fact it’s only harmless water vapor that you are seeing. A colored light glows at the end of the device again giving the appearance of a traditional cigarette. The biggest difference between an e-cig and the real deal is that e-cigarettes contain no tobacco. This obviously means that they are better for your overall health.

how e-cigarettes work
An e-cigarette comprises of a cigarette-sized tube with a colored LED light at the end. How e-cigarettes work is all down to the very clever mechanism inside. A battery and an atomizer cartridge, that holds a liquid, are contained within. As the user takes a drag, a pressure-activated switch activates a mini-heating element and a vapor is produced that looks like smoke. The vapor is the same smoke commonly seen in nightclubs and theatres to create ‘atmosphere’ with special effects.
Most importantly, the vapor can also contain nicotine in levels, which can be regulated by the user. This is the main element that can help people quit smoking. There are a variety of flavors ranging from the obvious mint and tobacco to more unusual ones like apple and chocolate.
Nicotine doses in the cartridges are rated from zero to high. Over time a user can adjust the nicotine level starting from high, which is the equivalent of a normal cigarette, gradually down to low and ultimately zero. This clever feature allows the user to “wean” cravings away from physical dependence on nicotine making e-cigarettes a great way to quit smoking, if desired so.
There are some important things to consider such as keeping the battery charged and maintaining supplies of the cartridges. These are all just minor inconveniences though as the benefits and advantages are huge. As with all new products the quality can vary and our website was designed to offer free e-cigarette reviews to help you find the best ones for your personal needs.

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