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V2 Cigs

Posted by admin on December 21, 2011


review by Dustin

V2 Cigs is the most popular electronic cigarette brand in the United States according to them. They used Alexa statistics to come to that conclusion and I could certainly understand why they would be the best e-cigarette company in the United States. Our team tested the V2 Cigs products rigorously and the whole team was impressed with the starter kits, cartridges, and even the accessories.

V2 has five main starter kits with the Economy Kit being the entry level kit for $59.95. Our readers are able to save 15% with V2 Cigs through an exclusive coupon code offered only at ECR.net which brings the price down to $50.96. The Ultimate Kit is the top of the line starter kit from V2 and sells for $159.95 and includes everything you could want or need with your electronic cigarette. Again, our readers can save 15% on this kit as well which means it only costs ECR.net readers $135.96! I own the Ultimate Kit myself because I am on the go quite a bit and it comes with 3 batteries, a portable charging case, car charger, and power-cig so I won’t be without nicotine when I need it. They also offer the V2 Notebook-Cig that doesn’t require charging but instead plugs into a USB port for $24.95 and our readers can use the 15% discount code to get it for $21.21.

V2 offers three different color batteries with their starter kits which I like because I prefer the black batteries myself but sometimes I switch it up based on the color cartridge I am using. All of the batteries are now 4.2 volts which means you get a lot more vapor than before. When I first tried their e-cig, it didn’t have the 4.2 volts like it does now and it makes a huge difference!

v2 E-Cigarettes

White Cloud Cartridges were my favorite cartridges when I first switched to electronic cigarettes because of the Smooth Draw Technology built in combined with the 24MG nicotine level created a strong and consistent throat hit for those days when you really want a cigarette. While the V2 Cigs cartridges don’t possess the Smooth Draw Technology, they are maintenance free, provide a large amount of vapor, and the throat hit is solid which has resulted in me not having any days where I crave a cigarette anymore. They also have committed to adding new flavors regularly throughout the year. You can read more about the cartridges through our V2 Cigs Cartridges Review.

I had been using The Safe Cig starter kit since November 27th of last year; however on July 9th I began using V2’s starter kit and fully switched over to V2 Cigs on July 11th, 2011. James also made a switch in June and he now uses The Safe Cig. The Safe Cig makes a great product as well but they don’t offer as many options as the V2 Cigs product line. I do understand that it can be overwhelming to some people to have that many options, so it is great to see our users rating both companies very high on our top 25 list.

v2 cigs Electronic Cigarettes

In many cases you get what you pay for, however that is not the case with V2 Cigs. James, Jane, and I have all put their products to the test to ensure they are of a high caliber quality and all of us were impressed with the way the V2 Cigs products held up. So if you are looking for a high quality e-cigarette that can be customized to your liking and requires zero maintenance, go with V2 Cigs

Products & Pricing

  • Economy Kit – $59.95 – 1 Battery – 10 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual
  • Standard Kit – $79.95 – 1 Automatic Battery – 1 Manual Battery – 10 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual
  • Traveler Kit – $109.95 – 2 Batteries (of your choice) – 15 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual – Car Charger – Charging Case – Notebook Cig
  • Couples Kit – $149.95 – 4 Batteries (of your choice) – 20 Nicotine Cartridges – 2 USB Chargers – 2 A/C Wall Adaptors – 2 User Manuals
  • Ultimate Kit – $159.95 – 3 Batteries (of your choice) – 25 Nicotine Cartridges – USB Charger – A/C Wall Adaptor – User Manual – Car Charger – Carry Case – Charging Case – V2 Power Cig – Notebook Cig
  • Power Cig – $34.95 – No Batteries – 5 Nicotine Cartridges – Direct USB Power – User Manual
  • Notebook Cig – $24.95 – No Batteries – 5 Nicotine Cartridges – Direct USB Power – User Manual – Carry Case


  • V2 Cigs cartridges are equal to approximately 1 pack of traditional cigarettes.
  • V2 Cigs cartridges – 5 Cartridges – $12.95 ($2.59/cartridge)
  • Current Flavors – Red, Cowboy, Congress, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, Sahara, Cola, Chocolate, Peppermint
  • 4 Nicotine Levels – 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 0mg
  • V2 Cigs Custom Cartridges (100 QTY) – $225.00 – ($2.25/cartridge)
    • Custom Cartridges allow 25 strength options and endless flavor / color possibilities
    • V2 Cigs is the only major brand that allows you to customize and create your own flavor cartridges


  • Standard Cig Battery (110mm) – $29.95 – lasts 200 puffs
  • Shorty Cig Battery (100mm) – $29.95 – lasts 160 puffs
  • Long Cig Battery (140mm) – $24.95 – lasts 300 puffs
  • Each battery is available in either automatic or manual.


  • V2 PCC (Portable Charging Case) – $44.95
  • V2 Charger Kit w/ Cord – $12.95


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Quality product

Easy to use

All flavors very enjoyable

New technology leading the way

Cons: Adapting to use after e-cigarettes

The Ploom Vaporizer is very different from the other products tested in our e-cigarette review and this needs to be made very clear from the start. It’s only fair to point out for comparison purposes that the technology is different and some of our testers weren’t keen to change their approach. We had all got used to setting up and ‘smoking’ the mainstream e-cigarette products and perhaps Ploom was too much of a change for some.

The Ploom Vaporizer is a combination of clean vapor technology and tobacco ‘pods’ which deliver nicotine into your system. There is no burning of tobacco. Unlike other e-cigarettes Ploom doesn’t need a battery to operate and this will have obvious appeal to some. Instead, the unit operates on butane which uses very clever technology to heat the tiny pods.

As well as traditional tobacco, pods are available in nicotine free varieties. The intense Peppermint flavor was incredibly refreshing and was rated highly by all of our testing panel. Although not a strong flavor, those of us opting for tobacco variety were very pleased and rated the experience highly. Of the other flavors available I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Gold – which has a fine honey-cognac taste – and the Blue Tea.

Using a Ploom was as easy as an e-cigarette once we had adapted to it and we all shared a view that this could be the future of alternative cigarettes.


Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:

Product range does allow for cheaper options

Positive views of the tobacco flavour from one tester

Menthol flavour pleasant


Generally inferior to other products tested

Poor vapor volume

Most testers disliked Tobacco variety

Hard to ‘draw’ on

Our experience of the eSmoke e-cigarette product didn’t get off to a good start as the ordering process online was quite confusing. The kit we thought we were buying at a seemingly very good price turned out to be the more expensive eSmoke Advanced Starter Kit. A cheaper alternative is available to be fair but the contents was a little basic for the purposes of our e-cigarette review exercise and didn’t compare well to others available.

So, those niggles aside, what of the product? In my opinion this didn’t compare well with others available and was quite disappointing. The ‘Tobacco Medium’ flavor I tested was quite pleasant but a little too mild for my taste buds. The popping and crackling sounds I associate with the older versions of e-cigarettes were quite annoying but to be fair other testers didn’t make this comment of the eSmoke. I did find quite an effort was required to ‘drag’ on this particular brand and this again caused me to mark it down. The final disappointment for me was the vapor volume – much less than others I’ve tested.

I stuck with my eSmoke e-cigarette review but it really didn’t compare well with others I’d already tested and in fact it made me appreciate them even more. The Menthol flavor did redeem the product to an extent and seemed to provide a better vapor and quite a pleasurable smoking experience. To be fair I should point out that others rated the product better than I did with one tester stating the tobacco flavour was very similar to his old Marlboro brand.

Smoke Tip

Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

Lower cost but higher quality than most

Quality product

Excellent vapor volume

Full, smooth, realistic tobacco flavour

Sets a new standard for e-cigarette products


Smaller product range than competitors

By the time most of us got round to the Smoke Tip e-cigarette review we had all tested many brands and thought we had a good idea of what to expect for the price. However, the Smoke Tip product really did surprise most of us and in terms of overall value for money really is a great product.

For the price I guess expectations were quite low and although Smoke Tip offers nothing unique or outstanding it really is a very solid e-cigarette system and is certainly excellent value for the relatively low price.
Set up of the product on opening the package was very easy and the product felt well constructed and of good quality. The tobacco flavor Smoke Tip was very pleasant and scored above average by all of our testing panel. What I particularly liked was a ‘throat hit’ similar to that of a real tobacco cigarette. I enjoyed smoking this particular brand for several days and it remains one of my personal favorites. Vapor volumes are better than more expensive brands and the cartridges are cellophane wrapped for freshness.

The Smoke Tip e-cigarette experience was excellent from opening the box to setting it up and of course most importantly actually ‘smoking’ it. This brand raised the bar again and shows how quickly the market is moving to the benefit of the consumer.

Premium E Cigarettes

Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

Range of products, flavors and nicotine levels

Custom options

Fantastic vapor

Tobacco flavor hard to beat, very close to a real smoke

Packaging & presentation


Some flavors a little too ‘unusual’

Several of our testers had used Premium E Cigarettes in the past but were impressed with the new look the company has launched recently. In terms of offering a full product range to appeal to all the company is way ahead of the competition and has e-cigs, e-cigars and even e-pipes available! In terms of the flavors available they are second to none – though not all the flavors appealed to our testing panel.

If that’s not enough in terms of a flexible offering to the their customers, Premium E Cigarettes also offer a good choice of 5 nicotine strengths and uniquely, the ability to customize the look of your e-cigarette. Users can really personalize the e-smoking experience and customize the look of the battery, choosing a custom design and color to suit their style. If you already thought e-cigarettes were a ‘fashion accessory’ this takes things to another level!

But the important question of course is are they any good and what do they offer in terms of a smoking experience. Well yes – they really deliver and some of our testers rated them as the best e-cigarette on the market. There are a good range of starter kits available and the ones we tested were nicely presented and easy to open and get going with. We all loved the foil-sealed cartridges and think this is the way the market should go. In terms of fullness of flavour and smoke volume the Premium E Cigarettes were outstanding. A lovely plume of smoke vapor is produced and taste buds are treated to a real tobacco flavour.

It was the other flavors that divided the testing panel with the Irish Cream, Blueberry, Watermelon and Grape getting very mixed reports. I personally always prefer tobacco flavor e-cigarettes but am also partial to a menthol variety. I found the Irish Cream quite bland and the other ‘fruity’ flavors too sweet. That didn’t mark the product down for me though and it’s highly recommended as far as I’m concerned.


Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Superb tobacco flavor – closest to the real thing of those tested

‘Freshness’ and care in packaging and presentation

Ease of set up and use

Excellent vapor volume

Quality look and feel – great ‘smoking’ experience

Superior ‘draw’

Value for money


Hard to find any!

In our reviews of the NJOY e-cigarette there was a word several of the testers used and that is ‘fresh.’ There is something quite ‘clinical’ about the product but we see that in a positive way. Inside the packaging the flavour cartridges and atomizers are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and stop the nicotine from drying out. An expiration date is printed on the wrapping and we all liked that little touch – ensuring you receive a fresh, pure product and experience.

The NJOY e-cigarette was easy to set up and I was able to do this in seconds – all very easy to put together and away you go. The product was recently improved from a three piece to a two piece design and this is certainly my preference now and I think the way all manufacturers will go. Most importantly, the ‘smoking’ experience was excellent and the flavor was outstanding! Other testers agreed with me and for the taste of tobacco this was the best product we have tested to date. If I closed my eyes it really could be ‘the real thing!’

The product is well designed and put together, produces a very enjoyable vapor and we were all surprised when the price was revealed as it beats it other inferior e-cigarettes. The manufacturers clearly have faith in their product too and offer a 12 month warranty.

For someone either aiming to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes or simply wanting to switch to a ‘healthier’ alternative the NJOY is an excellent option. The tobacco flavour will take some beating by other products in the market.

Blu Cigs

Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Best ‘all rounder’ for someone new to e-cigarettes

Convenience of charging process

Small and light – nice to hold

Ease of set up and use

Adequate range of flavors and nicotine strengths

Good price, value for money


Tobacco flavour option not as good as other brands

Vapor volume average

The Blu Cigs e-cigarette was really popular with all of our testers and many of used the phrase ‘an excellent all-rounder’ when discussing our experiences of using the product. To explain what we meant, there was nothing outstanding about the product but it scored well with all of us in that it was easy to use, well constructed and there were no ‘complaints’ about any aspect of Blu Cigs. Some might argue we were all very familiar with how to set up and use e-cigarettes by this stage as we had all tested quite a few but I for one approached this as a ‘newbie’ and went through the process of reading the instructions and setting it up as an entirely new user.

If there is a feature of the Blu Cigs I’d say sets it apart it’s the thought that’s gone into the charging process which can be a bit annoying with other brands. The Blu Cigs Battery Pack is great to use and it acts as a cordless battery charger. If you are out and about and want to charge the product you simply screw it directly into the battery pack – no messing about with a USB or wall charger!

We all tested the Blu Cigs Starter Kit which came with a choice of Classic Tobacco, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt and Magnificent Menthol flavors. In case you can’t guess, the Java Jolt is a strong coffee flavor and this scored really well and in fact was rated the highest coffee flavor e-cigarette of all we’ve tested. The Classic Tobacco flavor didn’t score so well and in fact was what brought the rating down for some of our testers. I personally found this flavor quite pleasant, just not as strong as some of the tobacco flavors in other products tested.

Blu Cigs comes in four nicotine strengths ranging from ‘Non-Nicotine’ up to ‘Full Flavored.’ This is a nice simple to understand system and we felt gave enough options. For someone looking to quit smoking with e-cigarettes you may want to look at products with a wider range of nicotine strengths so you can phase it out more gently.

The South Beach Smoke

Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:

Good range of options for kits

Two and three-piece versions available

Range of flavors

Good vapour volume

Competitively priced


Options confused some tester

When our team set to work on The South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes review we quickly started to see opinions divided. On reflection I believe that in setting out to offer customers a ‘two tier’ product offer in the form of a ‘deluxe’ and a ‘premium’ product they have caused a little confusion and perhaps left those opting for the ‘premium’ feeling a little short-changed.

Rather like the Green Smoke, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe combines the atomizer and cartridge making it a two-piece unit and simplifying use, The South Beach Premium has the more standard battery, atomizer and cartridge arrangement.

Starter Kits are available in different options and this meant some of our testers who were new to electronic cigarettes marking them down as it wasn’t 100% clear which was the best way to start. I disagree with this view and although it took some time to consider the options I think this actually helps buyers to get the kit which is best for them. My South Beach Smoke starter kit came with a flavour variety kit which I thought was a great way to introduce the range of flavors.

As well as tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry and chocolate flavors are available and I have to say although I normally prefer tobacco or menthol the chocolate was really enjoyable! A good range of nicotine levels is offered from 0 to 18 and vapor production was above average.
In terms of overall cost the South Beach Smoke scored very well for the quality of the product. The ‘cartomizers’ used with the Deluxe model are equivalent to about 30 traditional cigarettes and are available at very good prices. My kit also came with a nice carrying case which added to the convenience and general experience.

Safe Cig

Posted by admin on

Overall Rating:
Pros: Quality product, state of the art technology

Company is investing long term and improving the product

Ease of use

Great volume of vapor

Classic Tobacco flavor superb

Cons: Limited range of flavors

Starter Kit not all you need ‘ready to go’

When it comes to the best e-cigarette technology, research and development the Safe Cig is one of the market leaders. Before testing the product we read about the extensive research and development into electronic cigarettes the company has undertaken and it’s very impressive. As a result there are innovations in the Safe Cig such as the micro-circuit-board-controlled cigarette style battery which are way ahead of others.

Our testers all tried The Safe Cig Starter Kit which came with one cigarette style batter, one AC wall adaptor and a USB charger. A five-pack of refill cartridges had to be bought separately and some of our testers marked it down for this but overall we still feel the product compares well on price and is certainly good value.

The range of flavors available for the Safe Cig is more limited than that for other e-cigarettes and our testers gave mixed results on their preferences. The flavors are Traditional, Classic Tobacco and Menthol and in a way this leads me to believe this is a product aimed more at ‘serious’ traditional smokers. Six levels of Nicotine are available from 0mg up to 24mg.

As a group the testers rated the Safe Cig Traditional flavor quite low compared to other products. There are excellent amounts of vapour produced and the experience is satisfying but we found the taste to be harsher than others. The Classic Tobacco more than made up for that and put the product back in the running as one of the best e-cigarettes available. I personally really loved this flavour and found it rich, smooth and satisfying – easily as good as my old brand of tobacco cigarette!

Green Smoke

Posted by admin on December 15, 2011

Overall Rating:
Pros: Exceptional quality design & constructionEase of use

Atomizer built into flavor cartridge

Range of flavors (Even includes chocolate!)

“Full Tobacco” flavour closest of those tested so far to the real thing

Cons: Above average price

Several of our testing panel had heard great things about the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes so our expectations were high. We all tried the Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit and the overwhelming response was that these set a new standard in e-cigarettes.

The prices are slightly higher than some of the other products on the market but the products are far superior than most. One of our testers who is looking for the best e-cigarette to use to give up smoking (in the traditional sense!) said Green Smoke’s Absolute Tobacco flavor is the answer. The products just ooze quality all the way -from the packaging and presentation, the way they are put together and of course most importantly how they feel to use and taste. I absolutely love the Green Smoke Menthol Ice flavour and it’s the best I’ve tasted so far as a menthol cigarette replacement.

Easy of use is critical for first time users of electronic cigarettes and Green Smoke certainly scores well here too. Even as a complete ‘newbie’ you could open the kit and be ‘smoking’ in under a minute. The two-part metal construction is the key, a great piece of design. Unlike some e-cigarettes where there are parts to initiate or buttons to press the vapour mechanism is triggered by ‘drawing’ on the unit as you would with a traditional cigarette.

The final thing which really makes Green Smoke an outstanding e-cigarette product is the fact that the atomizer (which vaporizes the nicotine) is built into the flavour cartridge. This makes life so much simpler! When you finish a cartridge you simply throw it away and screw on another. You don’t have to worry about keeping a supply of liquid refill nicotine or worry about measuring it out.

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